Rosebud Private Retreat - East Rosebud MT                                           

I was given the honor to design the artist residency and family retreat for a dear friend, Danielle Mourning, who is also an exceptional and accomplished fine artist.  She fell in love with a stunning property in East Rosebud Canyon in remote Montana and welcomed it into her life, inheriting generations of a unique history in 3 parcels to play with.

The intention is to create a soulful place for spiritual connection, awakening, and celebration for Girl from the West. We are working collaboratively to unravel the existing elements to weave them back together in new enlightening ways - to capture spectacular views, pay homage to history, and inspire new manners of living, working and playing. The predominant axis of interest is of the East Rosebud canyon, which draws in a majestic power from the mountains.

A discovered quote fittingly captures the motivation behind our intentions:

“We all as humans require a place to laugh, to cry and to dance our hearts wide open. Under a blanket of stars within a canyon of a thousand stone castles, I will provide this heavenly haven.”

© 2007-2018    Christina D. Hansen

     Field sketch by Christina

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