Harvard University First Science Building - Boston, MA                  Design with Rafael Vinoly Architects PC

Architectural competitions allow unique design concepts and prospects a chance to be developed by a design team prior to a secured commission with a client.  Designs for Harvard University’s new Stem Cell Institute were on the design boards with Rafael Vinoly Architects and assistance was given to various studies of building concept, specific to the articulated requirements of the Institute.  Laboratory design requires a unique understanding of scientific work and preferences, the developments of research methods amongst educational circles, and a specific attention to systems design.  Studies appreciated the need for simplified form and structure, mechanical flexibility, growth and expandability requirements, and interchangeability

Sustainability, space efficiency, modularity, overlap of distinct research groups, hospitality and transparency were governing principles in the development of the design concepts.  While the concept for this project was not taken up by the University through commissions, plans and developments for a new home for  HSCI continue for Harvard University to house its newly formed Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology (SCRB).

Hand sketches, computer models, physical models and the generation of modular system designs were paramount to fully convey the design concept and intent in the proposal.

© 2007-2011    Christina D. Hansen

                   Building section study hand sketches by Christina Hansen / Design Concept: RVAPC