Profile and Practices

A first-generation American, native to northern California and raised within a family deeply imbedded in the creative arts, Christina is an advocate for the development of fine crafts over multi mediums for the greater good. She forms professional creative partnerships with others to thoughtfully create unique solutions and identities that have the ability to transform lives, both externally in the commercial and built environment, and internally in authenticity and collective spirit.

Christina completed her Architectural training at UC Berkeley Architecture/ College of Environmental Design in 1998.  In 1999, she moved to New York City, where she worked for over a decade with celebrated Architects on sophisticated, small and large-scale projects, diverse in types of building and construction, and within both domestic and international contexts.  While there, Christina created long term creative relationships and partnerships not only with private and corporate clients and other architects, but also in the fine arts, film and music industries.  Many of her projects overlap with these mediums and crafts. 

In the interest to satisfy growing entrepreneurial ideals, Christina left her fulfilling life and practice in the New York region to direct and develop independent work and research in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has been involved in over 120 architectural projects, is a licensed professional in California and runs a privately-held boutique design studio in Marin County.  In her practice, each project solution is based on a clear concept which is tailored to a client’s unique objectives, context and considerations.

In parallel pursuit to her independent design practice, Christina writes and professionally records a generous and growing collection of original songs and stories both independently and in bi-coastal efforts. She sings in an experimental pop band and also plays in more intimate performance settings as a classical pianist. 

Christina is committed to professional development and creative evolution.  Most recently, she is enthusiastically developing a dramatic parallel career in the Voice Over Industry. She is expanding her craft as a Voice Actor for commercial, narration and character projects.  Christina has found that her relative comfort in transferring innate artistic sensibilities and years of technical skill and practice into the development of new products in distinct fields is rather unique.

She is an advocate for robust education, innovation, collaboration, communal creativity, personal reflection and daring authenticity in order to stay relevant, current, and most importantly, connected in the world.  She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she calls home with her family.  

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